The CuKit: Redefining Your Walking Experience

The CuKit: Redefining Your Walking Experience

CUPOOCH's Inaugural Product Line

CUPOOCH's inaugural product line, a CuKit priced at €115, encapsulates everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable experience when you're out and about with your canine companions. It's packaged with minimal design or fanfare because CUPOOCH believes that what's inside matters most.

Introducing the CuKit: Your Ultimate Walking Companion

Explore the great outdoors with ease and style, knowing you've got everything you need right at your side. Our CuKit Walking Set is designed to make every outing with your beloved dog a breeze.

Effortless Walks with the CuKit Out and About Walking Kit

Make every walk effortless with the CuKit Out and About Walking Kit. Say goodbye to the stress of forgetting important items or struggling to carry them all. Whether you're exploring city streets or hiking nature trails, our kit has you covered. Order yours today and experience the joy of worry-free dog walks!

Here's What Makes It Paw-sitively Awesome:

Multi-Pocket Sling Bag

Stay organized on your walking with a thoughtfully designed sling bag featuring multiple compartments to stow away essentials like a pooper scooper, ball thrower, fetch balls, water bowl, and even a rain jacket and umbrella for those unpredictable weather moments.

Mobile Phone Pouch

Never miss a moment! Keep your phone within easy reach with a dedicated pouch, so you can capture every wagging tail and joyful leap.

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Stay eco-conscious with our built-in waste bag dispenser, ensuring you're always prepared to clean up after your pup in a responsible way.

Poo Pouch

No more carrying used dog waste bags in your hand or pocket! Our discreet poo pouch securely holds used bags, so you can continue your walk without a worry.

Water Essentials

Hydration is key, and our CuKit Walking Kit has you covered. It includes a compartment for your water bottle and a collapsible water bowl for your four-legged friend.

Ball Fetch Fun

Ready for a game of fetch? Don't worry; we've included space for your dog's favourite fetch balls, ensuring endless fun.

Rain or Shine

Be prepared for any weather with space for an umbrella and a rain jacket, so you and your pup can stay dry during unexpected showers.