The Story Behind CuPooch

Darcy the dog

At 75 years young, Brendan McGrath finds himself embarking on a new adventure, one that's been brewing in his mind for quite some time. It's a journey into the world of e-commerce, and he's thrilled to introduce CuPooch, a brand that's close to his heart, centred around the needs of dog owners and dedicated to sustainable, purposeful walking gear.

Timing and Purpose

Why now, you might wonder? Well, Brendan believes in the power of timing. He wanted to ensure that when he ventured into the world of e-commerce, it would be for a reason, a purpose. He's always believed in creating something meaningful, something that could truly make a difference in the lives of dog owners.

A Lifetime with Dogs

"I have been a dog owner of Boxers for the past 45 years and have identified walking needs from that experience" - Brendan explains.

Our founder, Brendan, is rarely seen without his two dogs by his side. He’s been lucky enough to have many dogs over the years - always at least two (much like the legendary Fionn McCool!) and sometimes as many as four.

It means he’s spent a lot of time throwing frisbees, rescuing chewed-up socks, and getting soaking wet at bath time. If you have a dog already you’ll know that our dogs can drive us crazy sometimes - but they’re always worth it. If you don’t have any dogs yet, well… You’ll have to take our word for it! As amazing as spending time with his dogs can be, Brendan quickly realised one thing - walking the dog is no walk in the park...

Creating CuPooch

It can be tricky enough walking one dog, never mind four of them. Though there are countless dog products for the home, where are the products for those much-needed walks? The lack of simple facilities, like dog waste bins, makes things even more difficult. That’s where CuPooch comes into things; ready to transform the dog walking experience.

But you see, CuPooch isn’t just providing you with the perfect dog-walking products. It’s about so much more than that. With CuPooch, people are given the tools to be better and more responsible dog walkers - for themselves, for their dogs, and their community.

Inspiration and Design

Inspired by Fionn McCool’s hounds and his 'Ascal', we have created a flexible family of superbly designed products that owners need to properly enjoy their time with their dogs.

The CuKit

With this guiding ethos, CuPooch was born. Its inaugural product line, a CuKit priced at €115, encapsulates everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable experience when you're out and about with your canine companions. It's packaged with minimal design or fanfare because CuPooch believes that what's inside matters most.

Brendan's Mission

From the outset, Brendan's mission with this brand was clear: to address every challenge that dog owners face during their walks. He was resolute about not overlooking any aspect. Each prototype we received underwent rigorous scrutiny against Brendan's mental checklist. He delved into extensive research and explored countless options. He admits he was a bit of a perfectionist, and they underwent no less than 15 if not 20 iterations to get it just right.

"Looking forward, our vision extends to creating a smart e-collar with geo-fencing capabilities and innovating new solutions for dog waste recycling processes. The journey ahead holds aspirations of expanding CuPooch into a comprehensive 'dog sports company,' " Brendan reveals.

A New Chapter

While Brendan is passionate about giving CuPooch its own unique identity and presence, it's also about fostering a team that's equally driven by innovation.

"This is a new chapter, a new adventure, and quite frankly, it's my baby," Brendan says. "I've poured my heart and soul into every aspect of CuPooch, and I'm beyond excited to finally share it with the world. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey."