Revolutionising Dog Walking with Innovative Pet Products

Revolutionising Dog Walking with Innovative Pet Products

Introducing CuPooch

CuPooch, the Irish-born brand that's set to change the way dog owners experience pet walking, exercise, and control, is excited to announce its official online launch. Designed and manufactured in the heart of Ireland, CuPooch's product range combines heritage, innovation, and a deep commitment to dog owners' needs.

Innovative Solutions for a Safer and Enjoyable Dog Walking Experience

CuPooch brings a fresh approach to pet products, drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology and Gaelic sports. The brand celebrates the bond between humans and their canine companions, much like Fionn MacCool, the mythical Irish hero, and his faithful hounds, Bran and Sceolan.

The Cu Hurl

At the centre of the CuPooch range is the CuHurl, a beautifully crafted ball thrower made from natural Ash with a precision-moulded head. It's not just a ball thrower; it's a versatile tool that serves as a bite stick and even incorporates the unique Cu Pepper Cloud dispenser to deter aggressive dogs.

Extensive Product Range

The CuHurl is just one piece of the extensive CuPooch range, which includes the Ascal Bag for 'hands-free' dog walking, the CuScooper, CuBalls for 'throw-return' games, CuBowl for on-the-go hydration, and many other thoughtfully designed products to enhance the dog owner's experience.

A Unique Connection with Ireland and Gaelic Sports

All Cupooch products are designed and manufactured in Ireland, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. The brand's deep connection with Irish culture and Gaelic sports reflects its commitment to celebrating the bond between dog owners and their pets.

Cupooch Founder Brendan McGrath says, "Our range has been carefully thought out and extensively field-tested to ensure it meets the diverse needs of dog owners. We're proud to bring Irish heritage to the forefront of the pet products market."

The Future of CuPooch

CuPooch's journey doesn't end here. Exciting developments are already underway, including the application of technology to the pet products market and a range of Irish-made healthy supplements and treats for dogs. The brand is committed to continuous innovation and improvement.

Addressing the Issue of Dog Fouling

CuPooch recognises the challenge of dog fouling in Ireland and aims to offer dog owners a more effective and convenient way to handle this issue. With nearly half a million dogs in Ireland, the proper disposal of dog waste is critical for the environment and public health.

Availability and More Information

The Cupooch range is now available for purchase on

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About Cupooch

Cupooch is an Irish-born brand that specializes in pet products designed to enhance the experience of dog owners during walks and playtime. The brand's inspiration comes from Celtic mythology and the deep roots of Gaelic sports. Cupooch is dedicated to celebrating the bond between dogs and their owners and is committed to bringing high-quality, innovative, and uniquely Irish solutions to the pet products market.