CuPooch at Dogitude 2024

CuPooch at Dogitude 2024

We had an amazing two days at Dogitude, and what an experience it was! Meeting everyone and spending time with every breed of dog under the sun (and a few clouds) was an absolute delight. Despite the temperamental weather, nothing could dampen the spirits of the wagging tails. The event was incredibly well-organised, creating a fantastic atmosphere that everyone enjoyed.

Highlight of Our Stall: The CuHurl

At our stall, it was a joy to see so many dogs and their owners taking a keen interest in our products. The CuHurl truly seemed to be the star of the show, quickly becoming our best seller! It was wonderful to witness people interacting with the product and loving it as much as we do. Hearing their positive feedback reaffirmed our passion for what we do.

Our stall was a bustling hub of activity, and we were incredibly pleased with how it turned out. Our interactive activities, such as the photo frame and the spin-the-wheel game, were a big hit and provided a fantastic way to engage with everyone! These activities allowed us to have a bit of fun and start great conversations with dog owners from all across the country!

Spectacular Event and Personal Connections

Dogitude offered so much to do and see. We were lucky to have a view of the main arena, where we watched all sorts of tricks, a fashion show, and a talent show that showcased the incredible abilities of so many dogs. Meeting everyone in person, including some familiar faces we usually see behind the screen, was one of the highlights of the event. The personal connections we made were invaluable, and it was heart-warming to see our community come to life.

Looking Forward

Although it was a long two days for us, every moment was worthwhile. The energy, the smiles, and the genuine interest in our products made it all worth it. We are excited about the future and look forward to growing our community further. We hope to make ourselves known at markets across the country, bringing our love for dogs and our innovatve products to more and more dog lovers.