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CuCharter for the fundamental rights and responsibilities of dog ownership.

The purpose of this charter is to establish rules for responsible dog ownership and dog-related matters that recognise the changing place of dogs in an increasingly urbanised society.

‘Chew On This – What we must do to promote better dog ownership?’

“I’ve been impressed with the urgency of doing, knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do…” Leonardo Da Vinci


  • 25 % increase in dog ownership in the last 10 years
  • 80% of the global population will be urbanised in the next 10 years
  • 27% increase in the number of complaints received in the last year
  • 7 in 10 people have walked in dog poo on the street
  • 51% of people have come across dog poo in their local park.


The CuCharter (‘The Responsible Dog Ownership Charter’) focuses on owners’ responsibilities through incentives and enforcement.
All dogs residing in Ireland are required to have a dog licence, renewable each year. The licence costs €20 annually for one dog or once-off €140 for a dog's lifetime. Dog owners do not receive any benefits for the licencing of their dogs.

Local Authorities focus on the stick rather than the carrot – they focus exclusively on the responsibilities of dog ownership but do not provide adequate facilities or infrastructure for dog welfare. They are ineffective in tackling dog fouling at the local level. There is no coherent plan to fund or provide infrastructure for a growing urban dog population.

The Cú Charter looks at the place of dogs in modern, urbanised society and sets out a coherent set of principles and objectives regulating dog ownership for the future.

1. All dog owners should be aware of their dog ownership responsibilities concerning dog licencing, welfare, control, and public health.

2. Ownership details scanned through mandatory dog microchips should enable dog wardens to issue fines for non-licencing, dog fouling, or other regulatory breaches.

3. Increased annual dog licence fees to pay for all parks and beaches to have designated off-lead areas.

4. Dog waste bins to be installed in all popular dog walking areas with regular emptying.

5. All dog waste bags are to be made of materials that meet international composting standards.

6. Encourage the development of innovative composting bins to produce compost fertilisers, soil conditioners, and dog waste-powered biogas street lights.

7. Support the development of scooping devices and carrying kits so that dog owners have an effective and hygienic means to deal with dog fouling.

8. Large-scale commercial dog breeding puppy farms to be made illegal.

9. A forum of animal welfare charities, veterinary bodies, registered breeders, and local authorities is to be established to oversee the place of dogs in society and make recommendations.

10. Dog affairs to be streamlined into one government department.

By supporting the petition for the Cú Charter your community can improve the quality of dog-friendly outdoor facilities by installing and maintaining dog waste stations and by providing dog owners with a safe and hygienic way of dog waste disposal.

We ask you to ‘Chew on This’ petition and support our campaign to promote responsible dog ownership and improved public facilities for dogs by implementing the Cú Charter.