Cubeens for Dogs

Cubeens for Dogs

An Energetic Game Celebrating Canine Nature

Cubeens is an exhilarating and dynamic sport specially designed for dogs and their owners, celebrating dogs' instincts to run, chase, and retrieve a ball. Whether you're in a garden, park, or on the beach, Cubeens offers a thrilling opportunity for dogs of all sizes and ages to compete against the clock. The game is played using a CuHurl and Cu ball within a designated area marked with flags, measuring 30 meters in length, and 5 meters in width, with two 5-meter lines at the top and bottom of the pitch.

The Rules of Cubeens:

1. Getting Started: A ball is initially thrown from inside the 5-meter line that contains a Cu basket. For the ball to be considered in play, it must reach the opposite 5-meter mark.

2. Fetch and Score: The participating dog races to fetch the ball and bring it back home, placing it in the Cu basket. Only after the first ball is successfully placed in the basket can the second ball be thrown.

3. Scoring Rounds: The exercise is repeated either 3 or 5 times, depending on the agreed-upon tournament rules. The scores earned in each round are cumulative and recorded against the clock.

4. Handicap Runs: In competitive tournaments, each dog undergoes a solo handicap run, which is timed. The results of this run determine the competitive handicap ascribed to each dog for each round of the tournament.

5. Calculating Handicap: If, for example, the difference between the fastest and slowest dog's times is 3 seconds in a 3-round tournament, the fastest dog would receive a 9-second handicap. Pro rata adjustments are made for each participating dog accordingly.

6. Winner Determination: The dog with the best cumulative time across all rounds wins the competition, showcasing their exceptional Cubeens skills.


Cubeens draws inspiration from the ancient Celtic community game known as "Scubeens," which translates to "conquering goal." This historical game was played between neighbouring communities during festive occasions, fostering camaraderie and spirited competition. 

In the original Scubeens, a ball was placed on the boundary line separating parishes, and the objective was to hurl the ball back to one of the parishes. The game commenced with the spirited shout, "All for Home," and it welcomed participation from large numbers of people without any time constraints, creating an enduring legacy of inclusive and spirited play.